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Tips for using head heavy racket

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Head heavy is not the same as a heavy racket. Head heavy has just an other balance between head and grip, but roughly the same weight.

One reason for injuries could be a high demanding racket, where you need to add some effort into using it which could result in injuries due to over useage (like golf/tennis elbow etc.), an other reason could be wrong technique. So, while the first reason depends a lot on how stiff your racket is or how hard your tension is, the latter could depend on how balanced your racket is. E.g. if you smash with snapping your wrist instead of rotating your forarm, a head-heavy racket could put more strain on your wrist.

The power of a smash depends on so many factors, that a head heavy racket will not necessarily improves it a lot. Many double players have head-light rackets while keeping a very hard smash, in general I would say, that a head heavy rackets helps you more with stronger strokes, like deeper clears, defensive lifts and ,yes, stronger smashes while giving up quick racket movement and reaction. The latter is more important in doubles, while the first is more important in singles.

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