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Something between NF800 and AX100ZZ

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  1. M0nst3r

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    Hi everybody,

    I used to play a Nanoflare 800 which I like a lot except for a little lack of power.
    So I thought an Astrox 100ZZ was a good choice. But even after playing it for quite some time, I still miss the controllability which my Nanoflare offers.

    Is there any racket in between those two which might suit my needs?


  2. Cameron01

    The Arcsaber 11 Pro is coming out soon, the 11 was renowned for its control while still having a lot of power.

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  3. AldrichAxelson

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    Astrox 88 S Pro? Its stiffness is a tad lower than 100ZZ, its balance point is around 297 i think. I like to remove the original grip, add a layer of cusion wrap and then a replacement grip. It came down to around 90 grams. Weight is adjustable later

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  4. Both are rather stiff rackets with some kind of compact head.

    DuoZS might be an option from Yonex, but it's most likely stiffer then either of those.

    Then the JS10 and Wucht P8 come to mind, if you have the chance to try one of them.

    If you want to stick to the compact head those might be the choices.

    What do you think gives you the feeling of more "controllability" in the NF800?

    If it's the thicker shaft, you might also like the Babolat X-Feel Power or Blast, but at least the earlier generations (basically the same rackets like now) had a quite wobbly/twisty T-Joint.

  5. M0nst3r

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    I think controlability of the NF800 for me comes from the low headweight. So less momentum/inertia of the swing means full control of all movements.

    With my AX100 I have difficulties in controlling precise drops, because of the powerful swing.

    arcsaber 11 pro sounds good, Duora ZS as well.

  6. That's interesting. Less (swing) weight also means that faster movements are necessary.

    In that case, you just cannot have both.

    DuoZS and Wucht P8 should sit somewhere between the two swing weight wise while also having a compact head. I guess that the Z-Strike is stiffer than either of your rackets.

    If you don't care about the compact head, there should be more options from many brands.

  7. M0nst3r

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    Head shape doesn't matter for me
  8. khoai

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    Was your NF800 4U? If so, try 3U. If still not enough, then JS10 3U, which is a little more head heavy. I have both and they feel similar but JS10 has more juice for power. But beware, it also has grommet sinking issue and develop cracks around grommet holes at high tension.
  9. M0nst3r

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    Nanoflare is 3U, Astrox is 4U
  10. Dekkert

    I have a 3U5 NF800. Wanted to try one, but normally play with head heavy rackets. I love the speed and control for doubles and defence, but hated the lack of power. I'm not that much of a wrist player. You can try to put some lead tape on the inside of your frame and play with amount and position. I now have some on 12 and 6 o'clock positions. It can help alot.

    I still prefer DZS. Just a little bit slower as it's slightly head heavy, but quite a bit more powerful. It is quite stiffer though.

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