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NLA SOLD Upgraded Tyger Profi Dropweight / Wise v12 (UK)

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Located in Swindon, shipping to be discussed, probably round £30 for the machine, I expect.
Rough prices, will consider ease of sale and accept offers.

Tyger Profi 52. Has had some use. £350
Good bits:
Really solid machine, handles 30lb as easily as 20lb. Such an upgrade from the pro pro entry machine I started on. Ratchet dropweight too which I've never used buit I expect would have saved me time over the basic one I learned on.
Upgrades: AliExpress diamond clamps.
Chudek side supports.
I'll add my spare tools and maybe some string. Cutters, pliers, load spreaders, string puller. Squash/tennis side supports and some basic fixed clamps included.

Bad bits:
One support arm needs tightening every 3 or so jobs. Correct Hex key included. It still holds firmly.
Tower "doors" held on with duct tape as I've been too lazy to re-glue properly after adding some shims to tighten up the clamping mechanism. Defintely smoother action now though.

Wise v12 tennishead £275 posted UK
I'm the second owner. It's had the case open for re-greasing. Still pulls well but has done its fair share of work. Switch upgraded to the larger black one which is now standard I believe. Better than a dropweight for sure, but is it still running like a £600 puller? Probably not.

Selling both together or separate as I'm getting busier so I want a more user friendly base and a quieter wise so I can string later into the evening. Thanks for reading.

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