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I just heard the 88s/d OG was discontinued. Is this true?

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  1. Source: Local badminton shop retailer.

    I can't imagine Yonex discontinuing such a good selling revenue generator. Can someone who's in the know confirm if this is true/false please? I can't seem to find anything online to support this either.

  2. Budi

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    OG 88D/S are repainted to white/red & red/white. Some say it had different BP but idk, might be off spec product. +-2 tolerance right.
    Then replaced with 88D/S Pro.

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  3. Basquests

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    I bought 4 x 88S [green one]'s this past week. Its a travesty they just stop producing such an amazing racquet.
    In the Olympics it was one of their top used racquets by the Olympians, according to cK Yew's video.
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