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Astrox 100 ZZ vs Astrox 99 pro vs Astrox 88d pro vs Astrox 88s pro

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Just to clarify again

I am a singles player who has a strong smash and rely on my pushes to deep court and smash to win points. I think I told you recently that I got an Astrox 77 4u version, but the main problem with it is that its too slow when it comes to quick reflexive drives and that is my usual weakness.
Now I want to get a racket that will help meretain my good attack, good sweetspot and forgiveness, and also is not an absolute sledgehammer like the 99 or Z force 2.

My main verdicts are (in order): Astrox 88d pro, Astrox100 zz, Astrox 88spro
All 4ug5
1) Astrox 88d pro: As it has a larger sweetspot and is not extra stiff like the OG 88d and has lumsome amount of power and is also very quick compared to the OG88 or OG99. People also say it is faster than the 100zz.
2)Astrox 100zz: It has a really nice lovely design and ik its not relevant to buy a racket on this basis. Good power and control ig?
3) 88spro: Less head heavier than the dpro but I think will lack power than the dpro.

Please suggest which of the above you think will suit me the best.

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