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A Natural Choice | Klättermusen Celebrates The Ansur Family Made From 100% Organic Cotton

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Screenshot: YouTube (via Klättermusen)

There’s no point beating around the bush here, this Klättermusen video about the Ansur family made from 100% organic Katla Cottin is a little bit NSFW. In what way, you ask? Nudity. There is, cards fully on the table, some nudity in it. Nothing too outrageous of course, bit of cheeky fun if anything, but we wanted to level with you early doors; didn’t want to drop you in it with HR / management / the IT department.

Offering the technical characteristics of synthetic garments, but made in a way that’ll appeal to those who favour the natural way, the Ansur gear from Klättermusen (a Swedish outdoor brand that’s got a pretty good record when it comes to combining high performance standards with low impact on the environment) is, we think, worthy of your time and attention.

Performance in the outdoors is made possible because the cotton in the Ansur range is put through a process of heating and pressuring. This, if you know your ‘rock science’ (something all the cool cats call it) is a process that sort of resembles the kind of compactions you would associate with geology. The resulting fabric, once it’s been processed, is windproof, water repellent and breathable. Bringing rip-stop into the mix means the strength of the products is enhanced, and this results in a level of durability that allows the wearer to don the kit over and over again. Nice.

Screenshot: YouTube (via Klättermusen)

Shop the Men’s Ansur Series here.

Shop the Women’s Ansur Series here. 

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